Interpretation and Language Services

Interpretation and translation services are available for Pharmacy, Optometry and Dental Practices when treating NHS Patients.  These services are commissioned and paid for by NHS England and NHS Improvement South West.If you have any queries or issues, please contact NHS England South West by emailing
Contact Language Empire provider of spoken language and face to face translation services plus telephone interpreting and translation/transcription services:Dedicated on-demand phone line is: 0333 188 3712.

A unique 8 digit PIN number(s) will be required to access the service, for any questions, contact Customer Services on 0330 20 20 270 or at

Helpful service support materials and additional information are on the Language Empire website, such as:

  • How to Request Language Services
  • On Demand Telephone Access Cards
  • How to Request Translation Services
  • Best Practice Guides for Using Interpreters
  • Language ID Charts

Contact Language Line (formerly Capita Translation and Interpreting Service) for British Sign Language services.

To book:

Telephone: 0800 004 2000

Online Portal: Public Sector Managed Services – Login – My Language Supplier

A pin number for your organisation will be required to access the services provided by Language Line, contact for assistance.