This charity provides help to everyone affected by sight loss from glaucoma and strives to raise awareness to as many people as possible.  The information that they offer is for everyone who is interested in glaucoma, people who have just been diagnosed, or anyone living with the condition.


The IGA run a helpline, provide free leaflets, set up patient support groups, provide a buddying scheme and fund professional research that helps with the detection, management and treatment of glaucoma.  They also run awareness campaigns and have a membership scheme, which helps people keep up to date about their condition and treatment.  All the services are free through theirmembers’ generosity.

The charity gives advice to patients that have difficulty in administering their eye drops and informs them about a variety of different aids, all designed to make putting their own drops in much easier.

The leaflets/booklets that are available are very informative, you can visit their website – to order your free literature.

The charity also offers an IGA sightline for patients to call with their questions and concerns, the line is open 5 days a week 9.30am – 5.00pm.  The telephone number is 01233 64 81 70.